A refreshing call in!

We received a phone call from a motorist who was driving behind a Marvin Keller truck on Halsted St. in Chicago. We usually expect the worst from a call in, but this phone call was completely different. The person complimented our driver saying he obeyed all the traffic laws, signaled in advance, and was incredibly professional. The caller also said that we hired a good one and congratulated us on finding such a driver

The driver is Marc Bear, and we can’t say enough great things about him! He is the epitome of integrity, not only is he a top notch driver, he also shares our MK Values. He recently called our accounting assistant, Claire, to let her know he received too much on one of his paychecks. He ended up being reimbursed for a truck wash that was charged to his fuel card and not paid for by his personal card.

Big thanks to Marc for all his hard work and for being an MK PRO. A BIG thank you to all our drivers who make the roads safe and our job a joy to do.

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