Just a thought I had today, But You want your Truck to run the best, so you take the time, money, etc to do maintenance and upkeep to keep it going strong right?

Why not put time, money and maintenance into the person driving that truck so that it keeps going strong?

The entire purpose of eating is to fuel the complex systems that function in your body—so feeding it the best nutrients possible is essential. Those nutrients, like calcium and potassium, directly influence bodily tasks like hormone creation and heartbeat regulation.

The perks to eating healthy are endless—it lowers your risk for health issues, improves confidence, increases energy, aids in weight management, and sets a good example for family and friends.

Please know that you do not need to be overly restrictive or perfect with your eating habits to see success. Making small measured changes over time and striving for balanced nutrition is key to reframing your eating habits.

As I have mentioned before, ONE OF MY FAVORITE parts is that better mental health comes with a healthier lifestyle.

A positive state of mind will increase motivation, renew your energy, and help you make good choices. It also improves your ability to handle the inevitable stresses of life and maintain positive relationships with those around you.

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