18 Wheels and a 12-Speed Bike

I found an article about a guy that brings his Bicycle over the road with him, very interesting. A couple things he says, “Have you ever had the feeling while visiting a place that you love that you might not ever be back again? I had that feeling today. In the time it took some drivers to sit down and watch TV in the lounge, I did the follow.”

-I got my bike and set course for some place I had never been before.

-I met a homeless woman named Pam and gave her my sandwich and some water. I talked to her about whatever she wanted to talk about; being homeless in 90 degree weather is no picnic.

-I went to the courthouse to see if there were any protests going on today, but there were not.

-I watched the boats on the harbor.

-I nearly fell off my bike startled when the USS Constellation fired its cannons for the tourists.

-I took a lot of pictures.

Listen to that voice in your gut pushing you into action. This might actually be your last day here.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 12.46.31 PM.png

There are so many Beautiful and fun places to explore by bicycle! ☺

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