Over Coming Behavioral Hurdles That Keep You from Doing What You Want to Do!

“Behavior is the most challenging thing to change in one’s life because it is so imbedded into our minds. We may not even realize what we are doing. In order to make positive lifestyle changes, you first must recognize that you will have daily hurdles to jump over, and for some, these hurdles are harder to overcome than for others depending on your personality and habits. I like to refer to the following hurdles, but others may call them excuses. The Reason I refer to them as hurdles is because they’re linked together. A hurdle can jump over 1 hurdle, hit the next one and knock it down, but then get back up and jump over the remaining ones, still finishing the race.”

“I’m too old.”  YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD TO DO SOMETHING TO ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING. No matter how old we are, we want to feel our best.

“I just don’t care.”  YOU MAY NOT CARE AT THIS MOMENT, BUT TIME DOESN’T STAND STILL. You are going to grow older, things are going to change, and if you don’t take the time to take care of your lifestyle, your chances of becoming unwell and developing disease will increase.

“There is no hope for me.”  THERE IS HOPE FOR EVERYONE. We can all make positive changes in our lives. They don’t have to be big changes all at once; even small, healthy change is significant.


These are just a couple hurdles in people’s lives, but you can work through them and overcome them.

Attitude! THIS CAN MAKE YOU OR BREAK YOU. Be positive about yourself and what you can accomplish. You can make positive changes to feel better and BE better. Take the words: Can’t and won’t out of your vocabulary. Be aware of your thinking.  Note: a positive attitude doesn’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen if you stay aware and keep working at it!

Brandis personal Daily Reminder

Develop a STRONG mind and you will live a STRONG life.

If you are not willing to learn no one can you. If you are determined to Learn NO ONE can stop you.

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