Trainer Spotlight: Tina Barlow

2018 Barlow Tina2

I do it to help other people.
I love giving, it makes me feel good.“”
~Tina Barlow. 

Tina Barlow is the newest member of the Marvin Keller Training Team and recently completed training her second student. Initially, Tina was a little apprehensive about training; being her own toughest critic she wasn’t sure if she had what it takes to be a trainer. With over three years of experience at Marvin Keller, previous flatbed experience, her outgoing personality and desire to help others, there was never a doubt that Tina would be a successful trainer. Tina continues to grow and develop as a Driver and a Trainer and shares those experiences with her trainees. Tina is a valuable part of the Marvin Keller Team and we are very excited she has joined the team to mentor new Drivers sharing her knowledge as a Marvin Keller Trainer.

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