A new mobile communication solution is on the horizon

The company has entered into a new agreement with Blue Tree Systems, Inc. and will begin replacing our current units beginning in February, 2018.  We are excited about this new telematics solution.  Our team evaluated all the usual suspects (competitors) and chose Blue Tree.  The top reasons for the change were primarily based on an increase in downtime and a reduction in reliability with our current provider, plus the advanced age of our hardware.    

Some of the improvements include a more robust navigation system featuring Tom-Tom and a better user experience inside the portal.  We will have a new metric, called the “anticipation indicator”, which measures the time between braking and acceleration where a longer duration is an indicator of safe
defensive driving.  This monitors the old driving cliche of “one foot on the brake and one foot on the accelerator”.

Claire Brickey has been appointed as the Blue Tree Champion responsible for coordinating and providing oversight for the implementation team.  The Total-Mail/TMW integration has proven to be a  challenge but we are working through the expected bugs and will be performing tests on the old company van before proceeding to the work flow testing of the (4) installed units.  After the test phase has been completed in a couple of weeks we will move into the installation phase and hope to have all units installed by the end of Q1.  The system may operate differently than you are used to but it is very simple to catch on and we will be here to support everyone through the implementation.  Instructional videos will be made available soon.

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