The Ultimate Roadtrip with Dusty and Ethan

Dusty Hodge has been in the trucking industry for about 20 years. He’s also the 13th Owner Operator in his family. To say the least, he comes from a trucking family and is proud to be a part of the family’s legacy. Recently, Dusty took his son, Ethan on the road with him.

Ethan has traveled with his dad before and has gotten very good at using the atlas to read maps and tracks their travels by GPS. Dusty has made a point of teaching Ethan more than one method of navigation because, as he tells his son, technology isn’t always dependable. Ethan always enjoys the adventure of traveling from the family farm in Salem and seeing the country with his dad.

On this spring break trip, the two traveled from Illinois to Texas and all the way to Wisconsin. Going from the Texas warmth to the Wisconsin snow, Ethan exclaims, “Dad! Wisconsin is too cold… let’s go back to Texas!”

While on the road, Ethan has picked up all kinds of skills in problem solving and even maintaining the truck with dad.

When Amy (from the Marvin Keller office) posted on People’s Net, she addressed Dusty and Ethan together. Ethan was ecstatic to be a part of the team.


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