President’s Award: DAN EMEL

Nominated by Amy Graven for a great job transition, improvement, and career progression.

Dan Emel recently transitioned from Driver to Owner Operator, and he calls it “…the best thing ever!” With becoming an Owner Operator, Dan has received more pay, is able to choose his own load, and chooses where he wants to go. The transition was incredibly easy as Marvin Keller helped him every step along the way. From all the details from plates, insurance, and everything else, he has had assistance with becoming an Owner Operator. Dan has been able to keep the same truck, and it’s been very well handled throughout its lifetime. The shop guys have been wonderful and helpful when it came to maintenance. Before, Dan never considered being an Owner Operator, but when he looked at the truck payments / lease options with other companies, the cost was outrageous. Through this transition, Dan really experienced what it meant when Marvin Keller is described as a family company. “They look out for you. It’s really like being a part of a family”, Dan explains.


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