Don Slater originally hired in at MK back in 2012 and came back last May. He is a Lincoln Land College Grad who also worked in manufacturing and resides in Jacksonville. Don works the 4 day work week that offers him more time to spend with family. Tammy Clough nominated Don because he is always punctual and reliable and does a great job of communicating ETA’s, routings, and directions.  Don even goes the extra mile by sharing his suggestions and ideas for improving directions and routings, which is updated in TMW.  Tammy indicated that Don has never been late on load and that she is really feels fortunate to work with Don.  We want to recognize Don for his outstanding work and contributions to MK.  Congratulations Don!


Karl is a Lincoln Land grad who worked at Pam
Transportation before starting at MK  in 2014 and was
nominated for this award by Greg Sullivan.  He is known
for keeping a close eye on the equipment and is proactive with scheduled maintenance and repairs.  Recently Karl unselfishly assisted a fellow MK Driver experiencing slick conditions at a dock and was stuck.  He stayed behind to make sure our Driver was ok and back on the road.  This is great example of demonstrating team work and genuine care for others.  During his free time Karl enjoys time drag racing his Camaro.

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